Reviving the lost art of greeting cards

It’s an interesting time we live in.  Fewer and fewer people are reading books.  We don’t wrap presents anymore, rather, we get “gift bags” and just put them in those.  Or we don’t even give presents anymore, just gift cards.  And Greeting Cards are just obligatory things rather than personal, deeply thought-out things. 

Greeting Cards run the gamut from birthday to anniversary cards, special holidays, sympathy to thank you cards.  They are supposed to be cards that contain words that reflect the feelings we have for a person in our heart of hearts. 

But how many of us wait until the day before, or even an hour before seeing someone, and run to the drug store, go to the greeting card section for that particular event, and just grab a card without hardly reading or thinking about what the card is saying?

There is such a lack of originality that from year to year we keep giving the same card.  How many of us have given a card wondering, “didn’t I give the same card last year?”  to top that off, there are the occasions that we receive the same card from different people!

And then, the is the problem of diminishing cards from a Christian perspective.  There have been many times when I’ve gone to the local drug store or superstore to find only one or two cards written from a Christian perspective. 

Even more, the cards we give should be special, unique, and convey powerful and personal thoughts and feelings we have for the person we are giving the cards to.

Admittedly, not everyone knows how to put those thoughts and feelings into words, let alone poems. 

For that reason, I have Personally Crafted Greeting Cards, from a Christian’s heart, designed for the special people in your life, for their special occasions.

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