The Thankful Leader

I find that Servant Leaders have an attitude of thankfulness.  They treat their employees almost as if they were unpaid volunteers, offering their time and talent for the sake of the organization and they people they serve (customers).   Let this week be a week of thankfulness, where you express frequently and freely your thanks to your … More The Thankful Leader

Leadership Question: what is your motivation?

What is it that drives you to lead?  What is it that motivates you be the one, the team leader, the department head, the leadership executive, the C-level executive, the head-honcho, the corporate head or the owner of the company?   Is it money, position, or title?  Is it admiration, fame, or status?   Is it control, a sense of … More Leadership Question: what is your motivation?

The Eyes of a Leader

What do you see when your team members talk to you about a project, in a meeting, about a goal, what they’re working on, or anything for that matter?   Maybe that’s not the right question.  Maybe the question is what are you not seeing?  What is passing you by?  Are there things you are not observing? Why is … More The Eyes of a Leader

Humble resolve

Humility is one of the qualities of a servant leader.  Yet there is some confusion about what humility is.  Some, when they hear this idea put forward don’t make the connection.  They think humility is weak, frothy, sunken, and unassertive.  They see humility as the mark of a loser.  They don’t see how humility and leadership can co-exist.  Leaders are … More Humble resolve

Push Leadership

Dear Leader, Let me ask you a question: who have you pushed forward lately? So much of leadership is seen to be viewed from a “power” perspective.  Leaders make decisions, give out orders, correct mistakes, direct, control, and hold the purse strings. The power leaders have is often desired and coveted for those who are upwardly … More Push Leadership