Serving Gladly

My wife and I went to a Seafood Restaurant last night. It’s the third or fourth time we’ve been there in the past year. We love it. Great food, great atmosphere, but above all, great service. Both last night and the last time we went we were served by the same waitress. She had a … More Serving Gladly

Does it “fit?”

Congruence…. OK, a big, not commonly used word. The definitions are: (adjective) agreeing; accordant; congruous. In Geometry: coinciding at all points when superimposed: congruent triangles. ( Something is congruent when it “fits” with something that would be “normal” or standard for us. It “fits” when it lines up with or is consistent with something we … More Does it “fit?”

The Listener

He sat there, seemingly captivated by what the person was saying. Periodically, he would nod his head up and down, like he was approving something the person was saying. The person talking was relaxed, totally engrossed in what she was saying. Every once in awhile she would stop talking, catching a breath or organizing her … More The Listener