Growing in Gratitude

Let’s face it, we always want more. We spend about 5 minutes being grateful and 55 minutes grinding about that which we don’t have.  Because we are goal-oriented people that means we’re never satisfied.   It’s OK to be goal oriented because without it, nothing would get done.  We need goals.  However, our goals should never … More Growing in Gratitude

You never know

Making a difference or having an impact upon someone’s life often comes from things we do or say which may not be grand or obvious. Every day you hope what you do makes a difference. Yet, many times we’re not really sure if we’ve made a difference or not. Often it’s the little things, subtle … More You never know

Storm the Castle?

In the movie Princess Bride, Inego Montoya takes Wesley who is “mostly dead” to Miracle Max to see if he can be revived. After finding out his purpose was to find and avenge Prince Humperdinck, whom Miracle Max had a particular disliking, he revived Wesley. On the way out Miracle Max says to them, ”Have … More Storm the Castle?


Without it you’re an empty suit. With it you’re a force to be reckoned with. Without it you trudge along though life hoping to get by. With it you give all you have toward something…a goal, or a belief system. Without it you’re in the pursuit of mediocre. With it you pursue excellence. Without it … More Passion


One of the greatest dangers in relationships is assuming people’s motives or intentions. We do it all the time. Someone doesn’t return our call or text or email and we assume they don’t care about us. Your supervisor doesn’t comment on that project you worked hard on and we assume he didn’t like it or … More Assumptions