The “Aftertaste”

There are foods, drinks mostly, where you drink or eat it and there is this lingering aftertaste in your mouth. Generally, it’s not pleasant. It’s not awful, but not great either. It’s annoying. There is a very popular drink that’s a good substitute for soda if you have issues with carbonation, which I do. It … More The “Aftertaste”

The Culture Reality

We find culture everywhere we go. Every country has a culture, every organization has a culture, every family has a culture. Everywhere we go we step into culture. We feel culture. Culture overcomes us, surrounds us, and thrusts itself upon us. You cannot escape culture. That is the cultural reality. When anyone walks into our … More The Culture Reality

Please Fail a little

I don’t know about you but I have difficulty with perfect people. Maybe it’s because I’m not perfect. Maybe it’s because I’m so far from perfect it’s ridiculous. Maybe it’s because I’ve failed miserably, in view for all to see on multiple occasions. I’ve known great success and but also incredible failure. My difficulty with … More Please Fail a little

Celebrate Labor

Everyday, we get a chance to bring the best of ourselves to our work. We can contribute. We can access and use the gifts and strengths which lie within each of us. We can make our organizations better. We can make our team better, and because of us bring out the best in our colleagues … More Celebrate Labor