The New Smile

One of the most effective and simple ways to engage a customer, or anyone for that matter, is smile. A smile has an immediate effect on people.  When someone smiles at us, we automatically smile back.  But a smile is more than a smile.  When we smile, it changes the chemicals in our brain that … More The New Smile

Beyond advice

The tragedy and trauma of COVID-19 has hit our world hard. People are dying and business are faltering. People have been “furloughed” or laid-off by the millions. With all of this, the counselor/consultant/advisor in many of us had risen to unbelievable proportions. Everybody has a piece of advice or an angle on how to handle … More Beyond advice

Time to Read

You’re cooped up and climbing the walls.  You’re working from home.  And you’re wondering….what constructive things can you do during this time?  If you’re like me, watching TV/Movies has its limits.  I don’t want to veg out on TV this whole time. Wouldn’t this be a good time to get caught up on all that … More Time to Read

Times of Uncertainty

We live in uncertain times. The Corona Virus has overcome the world.  The world has stood still.  It’s scary. People are getting sick left and right.  The sports world has ceased to exist.  Events have cancelled. People are losing their jobs.  Worse yet, some of the most vulnerable of our society are dying because of … More Times of Uncertainty

Handwritten Notes

Arnold Palmer is known as the King of Golf.  He was and is the cornerstone figure of modern-day golf.  In his prime, his followers were known as “Arnie’s Army.”  He was beloved and gracious as he interacted with people, including his fellow golfers. One of the things he is known for was personally writing notes … More Handwritten Notes