Vision: Develop and encourage Servant Leadership in every organization I can

Mission: Help leaders shed dysfunctional leadership tendencies and develop the leadership qualities people crave

In answer to the question, “what do you do?”  I write and speak about how leaders can be more effective

The reciprocal effect of helping leaders lead more effectively is that it impacts their organizational culture and ultimately the customers they serve.


This is the book that will get you there:

Front Cover

“This highly readable book peels back the curtain of leadership and reveals what makes weak leaders weak, and great leaders great. And more importantly, it provides a blueprint for anyone who desires to be a better leader.”
-Dennis Snow–Customer Experience Speaker and Bestselling Author, Lessons from the Mouse
“This book is packed with insight about how leadership is experienced.  The stories and examples John uses are genuine and engaging.  If you want to become a better leader you will want to read this book.  Even better, have John come and speak at your organization.”
-Adrie Groeneweg, President and Founder of Pizza Ranch, Inc.
“In leadership Qualities People Crave, John Elzinga get to the heart of great leadership and how it affects everything of substance within any given organization.  Read this book! Your people will thank you for it!”
-Bob Tiede, Global & US Leadership Development for Cru and author of Great Leaders Ask Questions, and Now, That’s a Great Question. 
“This book will empower you to new levels of success and influence.  John Elzinga brilliantly shares insights drown from years of experience about what people really need in leaders. He describes the leadership our world needs now, and shows how you can become the change.  He plots a compelling strategy for how you can have the greatest impact.
-Jud Wilhite, author of Pursued, Sr. Pastor, Central Church

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