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A Devotional Video Called: Waiting for the New based on Isaiah 43:19 (NASV)


The Good News is that Jesus did what we could never do….

The reality of Christ coming and dying in the flesh!

It is about Him, not us.

It’s about  the fact that no wisdom can save us, no signs or wonders can elevate us, there is nothing—-nothing—-we can do, or achieve, or demonstrate, that can make us holy enough, deserving enough, to be saved.  Nothing can save us.

Only Christ come in real human flesh, dying in the ultimate way, in view for all to see, humiliated, Christ—-God Himself—-doing what we could never do, being what we can never be.  For those of us who will accept what we could never gain——receiving mercy and grace that we never deserved!”

© John Elzinga


As an amateur poet, I reflect upon how my emotions and my faith flutter during times of trial, and so I wrote this poem I call EACH TIME.  I hope it resonates with and encourages you. The words are below.


John Elzinga

John Elzinga

Each time I meet a trial
Each time I’m caught off guard
Each time I reach the bottom
Each time I wonder why?

Each time I feel alone
Each time that I am hurt
Each time the loss is great
Each time I wonder why?

But each time I know the answer
Yet each time I seem surprised
God is in control of all things
He will take care of things in time.

Each time my faith is weak
Each time I realize
God’s grace comes in His patience
As He comes to me each time.

He comes to me each time
To remind me that He cares
He comes to me each time
To tell me that He’s there.

And In the weakness of my faith
In the frailty of my trust
Although I don’t deserve it
He rescues me, each time.

So, don’t worry about your weakness
Or be scared about your doubt
Weak or strong, frail or not
God loves and rescues us, each time.


What would Noah Do?  A devotional on what Noah did after his very long quarantine on the ARK


This Devotional is based upon Psalm 143.  It is David’s prayer of desperation.  It reveals Faith in the Midst of Doubt

Magnet 2This beautiful 3” square magnet encourages us to enter each new day with this attitude:
It’s a great day to serve the Lord!

With this view we can look forward to a day in which we recognize that that God is front and center of our life. That makes the day so much better, so much brighter and so much more meaningful. Whatever is going on in our life, the day was made for us to serve Him and that makes it a great day!

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It’s a Great Day to Serve the Lord wristband

This is a great reminder that no matter what we do, we can serve God in doing that thing.  Whether it be making pizza or making a house, doing laundry or taking a test, selling furniture or making furniture.  It also reminds us that everyday is a great day because it is a gift from God. Psalm 118:24

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Mug Great Day
It’s a Great Day to Serve the Lord 12 oz. Mug

It’s a Great Day to Serve the Lord!     12oz Mug

As you have your first cup of coffee in the morning, this beautiful 12 oz mug is a wonderful reminder that it is a great day to serve the Lord! The top is trimmed in green, with matching base. It will look as good in the office as it does on your dinning table.

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Thank God I'm Not a Pharisee

Thank God I’m Not a Pharisee….or am I? Book 

Self-Righteousness, Legalism, and Judgmentalism, is rampant in the church. Worse yet, it is the unintended consequence of those who are serious about their faith; especially spiritual leaders. This book shows us how to shed our judgmental tendencies and lead with grace. Living in grace and distributing grace is the ultimate source of joy.

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Sailing the Seven Seas of Life

Sailing the Seven Seas of Life….charting a course for successful Christian living is a resources which will help you see your life through seven principles which are keys to a greater sense of effectiveness and fulfillment. The goal of the Seven Seas is to help you live the abundant life. NOTE: VERY limited quantity, especially the hardcover version.

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The Seven Seas are:

The Sea of Clarity

The Seas of Congruence

The Sea of Confidence

The Sea of Contribution

The Sea of Commitment

The Sea of Cause

The Sea of Courage