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Leadership Qualities People Crave is about how leadership impacts employees, culture, and service.  You could say, “leadership is the cause of everything” both good and bad.

There is a particular kind of leadership revealed in this book which causes people to want to follow.  It is a different yet more effective kind of leadership than conventional methods.

“This highly readable book peels back the curtain of leadership and reveals what makes weak leaders weak, and great leaders great.  And more importantly, it provides a blueprint for anyone who desires to be a better leader.”      Dennis Snow–Customer Experience Speaker and Bestselling Author, Lessons from the Mouse.

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See People with your heart wristband

When we see people with our heart everything changes.  It puts us on equal standing because we know that we all have stuff in our life.  We all have our burdens we bear. We all have trials and tribulations.  Seeing people with your heart helps to serve them better.  It is the best place to start

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Mug See PeopleBlack with white lettering to prominently display the message: See People with your Heart. This is a great reminder that in order to understand people we need to see them with our heart. We need to remember that everyone we come in contact with has stuff in their lives.

This beautiful mug is accented with a blue/teal interior. Absolutely stunning mug!


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Capture the Heart of the Customer Lapel Pin


This limited addition*, beautifully designed heart shaped lapel pin states Capture the Heart of the Customer, encircled around the edges of the heart. In the center is the acronym CTHOTC.
What a great way to remind yourself as well as your staff that your objective is to capture the heart of the customer, not their money. When you capture their heart, touch their lives, deliver unforgettable service, everything else follows.
It is encased in an acrylic see through case. Actual size approx. 1” x 1”
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*Only 40 remain. Please note: these are not numbered items

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