46 Days to become the leader God wants you to be

A journal and devotional combined allowing a leader to document what God is saying to them in a particular text, for that particular day.

A devotional that encourages a deep sense of self-reflection on how we lead people.

This devotional can be used by leadership teams to prayerfully shed areas in their leadership where they are ineffective and become transformed into the leader God wants them to be.

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Front Cover

Leadership Qualities People Crave is about how leadership impacts employees, culture, and service.  You could say, “leadership is the cause of everything” both good and bad.

There is a particular kind of leadership revealed in this book which causes people to want to follow.  It is a different yet more effective kind of leadership than conventional methods.

“This highly readable book peels back the curtain of leadership and reveals what makes weak leaders weak, and great leaders great.  And more importantly, it provides a blueprint for anyone who desires to be a better leader.”      Dennis Snow–Customer Experience Speaker and Bestselling Author, Lessons from the Mouse.

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See People with your heart wristband

When we see people with our heart everything changes.  It puts us on equal standing because we know that we all have stuff in our life.  We all have our burdens we bear. We all have trials and tribulations.  Seeing people with your heart helps to serve them better.  It is the best place to start

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Mug See PeopleBlack with white lettering to prominently display the message: See People with your Heart. This is a great reminder that in order to understand people we need to see them with our heart. We need to remember that everyone we come in contact with has stuff in their lives.

This beautiful mug is accented with a blue/teal interior. Absolutely stunning mug!


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It’s a Great Day to Serve the Lord wristband

This is a great reminder that no matter what we do, we can serve God in doing that thing.  Whether it be making pizza or making a house, doing laundry or taking a test, selling furniture or making furniture.  It also reminds us that everyday is a great day because it is a gift from God. Psalm 118:24

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It’s a Great Day to Serve the Lord!     12oz Mug

As you have your first cup of coffee in the morning, this beautiful 12 oz mug is a wonderful reminder that it is a great day to serve the Lord! The top is trimmed in green, with matching base. It will look as good in the office as it does on your dinning table.

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Thank God I’m Not a Pharisee….or am I? Book 

Self-Righteousness, Legalism, and Judgmentalism, is rampant in the church. Worse yet, it is the unintended consequence of those who are serious about their faith; especially spiritual leaders. This book shows us how to shed our judgmental tendencies and lead with grace. Living in grace and distributing grace is the ultimate source of joy.

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Sailing the Seven Seas of Life….charting a course for successful Christian living is a resources which will help you see your life through seven principles which are keys to a greater sense of effectiveness and fulfillment. The goal of the Seven Seas is to help you live the abundant life. NOTE: VERY limited quantity, especially the hardcover version.

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Paperback Version: $14.99 (free shipping)

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The Seven Seas are:

The Sea of Clarity

The Seas of Congruence

The Sea of Confidence

The Sea of Contribution

The Sea of Commitment