One of the greatest dangers in relationships is assuming people’s motives or intentions. We do it all the time. Someone doesn’t return our call or text or email and we assume they don’t care about us. Your supervisor doesn’t comment on that project you worked hard on and we assume he didn’t like it or … More Assumptions


Many years ago, a manager was bragging to me about how hard he worked. He told me he was always working…. work, work, work; that’s all he does. He told me that even when he was home he was working. He would make the schedule, be on the phone, do planning and so on. I … More Burnout

Delivering Hope

A big part of a Servant Leader’s job is to deliver hope to those who work for them. Hope brings energy, passion, and patience to people. Hope creates loyalty, dedication, and long-term commitment to employers. Most people want to believe that there is a future for them at their place of work. They are looking … More Delivering Hope

Loving where you work

Over 40 years of working at both large organizations and small ones; profit and non-profit; I have been fascinated with the degree of contentment people have with their employer. (by employer I mean the overall organization not your specific supervisor) I have seen and experienced the full spectrum: from absolute disgust to total endearment. I … More Loving where you work

How Remembering People’s Names Delivers Great Hospitality

Many years ago, I was working for a company in the office furniture industry. Every year we had a convention in which dealers, designers, architects, and end users would walk through our showrooms. After the show was over one night about twelve of us went out to dinner to Alan Hale’s Lobster Barrel on La … More How Remembering People’s Names Delivers Great Hospitality