The Thankful Leader

I find that Servant Leaders have an attitude of thankfulness.  They treat their employees almost as if they were unpaid volunteers, offering their time and talent for the sake of the organization and they people they serve (customers).   Let this week be a week of thankfulness, where you express frequently and freely your thanks to your … More The Thankful Leader

Push Leadership

Dear Leader, Let me ask you a question: who have you pushed forward lately? So much of leadership is seen to be viewed from a “power” perspective.  Leaders make decisions, give out orders, correct mistakes, direct, control, and hold the purse strings. The power leaders have is often desired and coveted for those who are upwardly … More Push Leadership

Interview with Mick Wilson of Wilson Creek Winery

Few people have the eclectic experience of Mick Wilson. This is a rich interview with a man who has a deep background in leadership.   Try combining wine with ministry!   You will also learn about: Running a family business How faith connects to your everyday life Courage to try something new It’s not about the money … More Interview with Mick Wilson of Wilson Creek Winery

The Key to Effective Training

What is the key to effective training?  Technical skills? Teaching skills? Facilitation Skills? HR knowledge?  Modeling? Coaching? Presentation skills?  Knowledge transfer? Understanding the Blooms Taxonomy? Of all the things talked about in training circles I have found there are two things not usually talked about that are the real keys to effective training. They are: … More The Key to Effective Training


Occasionally I will take the opportunity to introduce to you some people who have made a significant impact on others, in various professions. In addition, we will uncover how they integrated their faith and life and how their faith affected how they worked. Today I will introduce you to Nate Breen. @NateBreen;