Developmental leadership

“The purposes, meanings, and motivations inside a person’s heart are deep, complex, and often hidden, but a person of understanding has the ability to draw them out” (my paraphrase, Proverbs 20:5) 

To know a person and understand their motives—what drives them—is a great talent often found in dynamic and successful leaders.  It’s like they can see in you and see through you.  They can get to the depths of your being and penetrate your inmost thoughts.  They see you not only for who you are but who you can become. 

In short, they see “potential.”  They can see what you’re capable of, even, and often, if you can’t even see it yourself.  

My first business mentor, many years ago, saw my potential for giving presentations.  At the time I was in a sales position for a manufacturer and he himself was a great presenter.  He developed me, nurtured me and pushed me forward.  When it was time to launch a new product—a very complex product—he had me give the presentation to our national sales force.  

From that moment on, my love for public speaking became front and center.  It’s like he knew I was destined to be a speaker.  It’s not like I hadn’t wanted to do it—I did.  And It’s not like I hadn’t pursued the opportunities before—I had. But he was the one who believed in me and encouraged me. As the Scripture says, “he drew it out of me.”  He was the catalyst and the primer of the pump that ignited a passion within me that never stopped.

Dear leader, what potential do you see inside your team members?  Are you drawing it out of them?  

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