Which way shall I go? [The 2021 Question] Part III

 We have been talking about times of desperation and loss.  Times of uncertainty.  For those of you who are experiencing that during these times, I am very familiar with the question, which way shall I go?

I had a coaching, consulting, and training business for about eight years or so, writing two books. During that time my income came from some commercial investment property I purchased when I received a very large inheritance from some family property my parents had.  When my mother passed away that property was left to my sister and me.

I worked hard to do the right thing and sell the property to developers.  After splitting the profit and dividing it up between my me and my sister I set out to invest my portion in the safest and soundest investment you could have: real estate.  I secured a long-term investment in a commercial property/lease program in which I purchased an existing property with a functioning business in it and a very long-term lease. It was a 20-year lease with two 5-year renewal options.  I was set and secure, probably for the rest of my life.

But I wasn’t.  About 3 years into the lease my tenant bailed on me.  Everything fell apart from there.  For the next year and a half or so, I lost my commercial property, my income and my home, and had not been able to find another job anywhere.  

During that time, one of the things that kept me going was family and friends. They were my safe place.  My wife and children (I have six children) mean everything to me.  I suppose I could have “acted” strong; but that’s not me.  I am who I am, open and vulnerable.  That means sometimes I was incredibly strong while other times I melted like a pile on the floor.  It’s one thing when you pray for your family; it’s quite another thing when your wife and children pray for you.  That reality, that my family prays for each other, sustains me to this day.

In addition, I have great friends, but one friend in particular was my rock. We met every other Friday, for breakfast at a coffee shop, for eleven years.  We read books together, asked tough questions of each other, challenged each other and prayed for each other.  He was my pastor and mento and friend.  

My message to you is this: during this time, lean into your family and friends because they will sustain you and give you strength.  They will love and accept you as you are.  

One thought on “Which way shall I go? [The 2021 Question] Part III

  1. Greetings from the Netherlands
    What a story John, thanks for your honest and vulnerable sharing in your life story John, you are my brother and friend.

    Much is changed but One never changes. May it be a Great Christ mas for you and your family


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