Trying too hard

I don’t know about you, but I tend to try too hard. I get something in my mind that I think should happen and I begin to push and push. I exert all my emotional energy on a goal and try to arrange everything to meet that goal. And I become quickly dissatisfied if progress … More Trying too hard

Without trust….

I speak to hundreds of managers every year who all know that empowerment is a necessary component of delegation and moving team members upward into higher positions of authority. Yet, when we talk about leadership and management I have them fill out a short list of characteristics of dysfunctional leadership styles. The number one characteristic … More Without trust….

Lead with grace

Servant Leaders are passionate about grace, in fact grace is their driving force. Grace seems like an odd thing to connect with leadership.  Grace seems soft, easy, and undisciplined. The catch phrase “leave it at the door,” or “it’s not personal, it’s business” seems to imply that your personal life has nothing to do with … More Lead with grace