Leadership and Grace Together

It sounds strange: leadership and grace together. Like oil and water, a duck out of water, or a square peg in a round hole these are incompatible partners trying too hard to make sense of things. It sounds like double-talk. It sounds like something that not only shouldn’t be put together,but simply doesn’t fit together.

And yet, something wonderful happens when you combine leadership and grace.

Lives are changed, and people become engaged and transformed.

This is what Servant Leadership is all about. When we lead with grace as our operating system we see things differently; and we see people differently, therefore we treat people differently.

Consider Sam. A hard charging command and control type guy who shouts out orders and insults and you’re not sure which is which. He is in control and everyone ought to heed his words. Follow in line, follow in step, and do what he says or else. Sam is always on the lookout for insubodination–for those who dare to disagree.

Now consider Reggie. His first desire is to understand the people he leads. To know what makes them tick, what turns their crank, and what are the desires of their heart. Reggie starts with people. He finds out what they’re good at so that their organization and ultimately their clietns–their customers–can reap the benefit.

You see Reggie starts with grace, and Sam with authority (really, with aristocracy). Reggie sees people with his heart, while Sam sees people as objects to manipulate.

Which person would you rather follow?



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