Who do you know that loves to wait? No one. Almost every time when we go to a restaurant I say to my wife, “I hope we don’t have to wait!” Last night we showed up at a Mexican restaurant we hadn’t been to before, and we arrived early for the dinner hour, and as … More Waiting

A Thankful Heart

There is just something about being thankful that removes walls and barriers in our life. The power of thankfulness can overcome depression and anxiety. And thankfulness provides us a way of understanding that while everything may not work out the way we planned, the way things have worked out can be pretty amazing. Thankfulness doesn’t … More A Thankful Heart

Please Fail a little

I don’t know about you but I have difficulty with perfect people. Maybe it’s because I’m not perfect. Maybe it’s because I’m so far from perfect it’s ridiculous. Maybe it’s because I’ve failed miserably, in view for all to see on multiple occasions. I’ve known great success and but also incredible failure. My difficulty with … More Please Fail a little

Celebrate Labor

Everyday, we get a chance to bring the best of ourselves to our work. We can contribute. We can access and use the gifts and strengths which lie within each of us. We can make our organizations better. We can make our team better, and because of us bring out the best in our colleagues … More Celebrate Labor