He’s a Quitter and Finisher



Jon Acuff, linkedin.com/in/jonacuff, @JonAcuff, is both a quitter and finisher.

In his two books of the same name, with seemingly opposite emphasis he helps people sort out direction and gives them clarity in their lives. *

What are you quitting and why should you?

Jon floats the idea of quitting your day job so you can work in the field of your dreams.  BUT NOT SO FAST! Jon coaches you to first let your day job pay for the development time to get to your dream job.

Jon essentially outlines the progression of an entrepreneur, or should I say the wise entrepreneur? It is unwise to just jump in, it is wise to learn how to swim first.  The wise entrepreneur prepares, saves, learns, gets ready, and then launches.  In my opinion, Jon is not saying, “be a quitter,” rather he is saying be a wise quitter.

You should quit if you are not using your gifts, strengths, and talents most of the time.  You should quit if there is no passion or joy in what you do.  Quit, but quit wisely.

In his book Finisher, he confesses that he like so many people, starts things but doesn’t finish them.   So many entrepreneurs are like that, they see an opportunity and go for it, only to give up days, months or 364 days later, and then they move on to the next thing.  Staying isn’t their strong suit.

Some of it has to do with being a “perfectionist,” we stop if things aren’t working out perfectly.

In this book Jon gives you the tools and principles on how to Finish.

So, whether it be learning how to be realistic about your goals or how to have fun in pursuit of them, Jon shows us the way through so that, at long last, we can Finish what we started.

When you take these two books as a compendium to each other you find the secret sauce for success, happiness, and fulfillment.  I imagine, if asked about the synergy between these two books he would say: don’t quit unless you’re prepared to finish.

*Thoughts and opinions of Jon’s books are my own and do not necessarily represent his intent. This is not a paid endorsement.

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