Beyond advice

JE b & wThe tragedy and trauma of COVID-19 has hit our world hard. People are dying and business are faltering. People have been “furloughed” or laid-off by the millions.

With all of this, the counselor/consultant/advisor in many of us had risen to unbelievable proportions. Everybody has a piece of advice or an angle on how to handle this, and how to prepare for what is coming on the other side of this—myself included. If you are reading this on my web-page, just scroll down and you will find some of my thoughts on the matter. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying it is kind of overwhelming.

This blog was going to be on “how to engage laid-off team members.”  (advice to employers and employees on how to re-engage with each other, so, stay tuned)

But, for today, I thought I’d go beyond advice and provide you this simple thought:

How can I help?

A simple question, most will answer: “I don’t know” or “there isn’t anything you can do.”

Fair enough.

Here is a list of possible ways I can help:

  • I can Listen to your concerns
    • I’ve been told I’m a great listener
  • I can Direct you to certain resources
    • I have spent my whole life studying organizational and human behavior
  • I can provide a zoom-based coaching/consulting opportunity
    • I am a certified coach
  • I can deliver a webinar on Servant Leadership, Culture building, or Customer Service
    • I wrote a book on the subject
  • I can speak to your management team via Zoom
    • In my book, Leadership Qualities People Crave, I have discussion questions designed for management meetings.
  • I can provide a spiritual perspective
    • I am a person of faith and have been in the full-time ministry. My faith grounds me and provides a supernatural perspective on life and living.
  • And even perhaps, be your mentor and advocate
    • I am old enough, experienced enough, and well read enough to speak into your life and whatever you’re going through. I believe you can become the best version of yourself and it’s worth the effort.

In the winter season of my life, I have experienced a fair amount of success and a lot of brokenness. I have lost everything I had…. twice! I have been through all kinds of loss, disappointment and brokenness.  And yet, I have risen from the ashes each time. I have also researched and studied and teach leadership, culture building and customer service. I have been on every side of leadership, the effective and non-effective.

If I have anything to offer, it is perspective; some would call it wisdom. I am an advocate for your success, not just materially, but success in term of your wholeness and fulfillment. I want you to get through this better and stronger and more effective than before.

I am here for you…how can I help?

It starts with a conversation.

You can contact me by email, let me know a little about who you are and your situation.  Then, we will get started.

Blessings to you.

John Elzinga





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