I declare it is National Appreciation Season

With the authority vested in me I declare that we are in the National Appreciation Season.

There are very few times in human history in which appreciation is so desperately needed.  

Now is one of those times.

We are watching before our eyes the frailty of life.  In the US almost 200,000 people have died from this dreaded virus.  6 million of us have caught this disease.  The old and young, the strong and the weak, the agnostic and the believer… no group is spared.  

COVID has taken away a lot from us.  Not just our health but our freedom.  Our businesses and our income have been compromised. Distance learning is creating a whole host of problems.  Facemasks prevent us from expressing ourselves and communicating even the simplest things like a smile.

Hugging, even shaking hands is worrisome. 

Togetherness is hard.  

Worshipping freely in church is dangerous.

Fear has gripped us.

Given so much has been taken away from us during this season, we need to appreciate the little things.  We need to appreciate each other above all.  

Appreciation is a form of grace.   When we appreciate others, we give them grace.  And grace is the fuel of life.

Appreciate the server who serves your food

Appreciate the checker at the grocery store

Appreciate your customers

Appreciate the small businesses and their owners

Appreciate your neighbors

Appreciate live streaming of church services

Appreciate another day of life and living for every second God gives us is precious

Appreciate all the health care workers

Appreciate those who are wearing masks to protect you 

Appreciate Zooming colleagues or friends, business meetings and church groups

Appreciate your friends

Appreciate your family

Appreciate the seasons

Appreciate ____________

Now it’s your turn…what do you appreciate today?

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