Backward books and Hidden Lives

If you’re like me and are an HGTV fanatic, watching all the refurb shows you may have noticed that when they display books nearly everybody is facing them backward.  In other words, the spine of the book, showing the title and author is facing the back.  The pages face the front.

I find this oddly strange and unattractive.  Why would they do this?

I Googled it and I thought the reason would be some kind of legal technicality where you have to pay the publisher a fee or something to show their books.  What I found is that it is supposedly a design feature.  Again, I find this strange.  Weird even.

I like to see the spine.  I love to see the titles.  I feel it’s warm and inviting.  It’s also very interesting.  It shows what the occupant likes to read, revealing a little bit of who they are. 

We kind of do this in life.  We display our pages but not our titles.  We often hide the most important part of ourselves.  We let people read without telling them what they’re reading.   We keep the deepest part of ourselves hidden. 

Let’s get to know each other, virtually.  Let’s metaphorically turn our books around and show our titles.  

If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you title it?  Make it a title in which you would want to know more.  Make it a title that would cause us to open the pages and begin reading.  Respond to this post blog, post, or tweet with your title.

Here’s what I’d do If I were to write a book about my life, I would title it: 

The Surprise Pathway to Success and Happiness

How family fulfills me, faith sustains me, failures build me,

and impact thrills me

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