The Culture Creator, part II

Once you’ve got a method and strategy for repetition now you must also hire according to your culture. Look for people who are passionate about your MVV.  (Mission, Vision, and Values)

Beware of the false idea you can turn them around.  It’s like the relationship where the girlfriend sees the flaws in her boyfriend and agrees to marry him because she thinks she can fix him or change him.  It rarely works.   

Hiring centered around your MVV can be a little tricky.  How in the world do you know that they are really passionate about your MVV?  

Ask questions about their values.  Listen for verbal and body clues.  When someone gets excited about something you can hear it in the tonality of their voice, they may even become a little animated in body gestures and facial expressions.  

For example, my mission is to “Help leaders shed dysfunctional leadership tendencies and develop the leadership qualities people crave.”  There are 12-13 qualities centered around Servant Leadership that I look for in leaders or developing leaders.  If I was interviewing someone I would look for signs of these qualities in our conversation.  

To expand upon this example, one of the leadership qualities people crave is selflessness. In my interview I would ask myself is this person self-focused or others focused.  Someone who is others-focused has the quality of selflessness.  

If you want a culture that emulates your MVV then hire people who emulate your MVV. 


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