The Culture Creator, part III

Now develop habits within your organization that amplify your MVV.  

In fact, we need to talk about behaviors (aka: habits) more than numbers.  It is our behaviors that help us accomplish our MVV, not metrics.  Metrics is a thermometer to take the temperature of an organization.  Behaviors or habits are they way we get to the numbers we need.  Thus, the living out of your MVV through behaviors is the key magnet that draws people to your organization. 

Beware the strategy that is based upon numbers.   Talking about numbers doesn’t achieve the numbers you’re talking about only behaviors (aka: habits) do. 

For example, one of your values (or it could even be your mission) might be “to make every customer (guest) feel welcomed.”  The question then is how, or what are you and your team members going to do, repeatedly, that will make your guest feel welcomed?  

One behavior or habit might be to greet them with a smile or a phrase like “welcome back.” Such behaviors would definitely make them feel welcomed.  Or if they are a contract customer talk with them as if they were part of the family. Family are always welcomed.  

If you want a culture that emulates your MVV create habits and behaviors that amplify your MVV. 


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