Push Leadership

Dear Leader,

Let me ask you a question: who have you pushed forward lately?

So much of leadership is seen to be viewed from a “power” perspective.  Leaders make decisions, give out orders, correct mistakes, direct, control, and hold the purse strings.

The power leaders have is often desired and coveted for those who are upwardly striving.  Isn’t it great to be “in charge?”  You feel the sense of your own specialness. You are above and ‘they’ are below.  Aren’t you wonderful!

But here’s the thing: leadership, real leadership, isn’t about you!  It’s about developing and impacting others so they can be the best they can be.  It’s about creating an organization where others can flourish.  It’s about being a difference maker in the lives of those you lead.  It’s about them, not you. 

Instead of pulling people to go where you want them to go it’s about pushing people forward. When you push people forward you are creating opportunities, space if you will, for them to thrive, to develop, to count and make a difference using their unique strengths and gifts.  All of this, for the benefit of the organization and the customers they serve.  

The challenge of push leadership is that it means more of them and less of you.  It is a sacrifice of attention, of adulation, and of self-centeredness.  

Pushing others forward is the essence of servant leadership. 

And so, the question dear leader is who have you pushed forward lately? 


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