Leadership Quality: Little Things

One of the greatest leadership qualities is being able to see the little things and do them without notice or need of accolades or recognition.  This is the true mark of a Servant Leader. 

Most of us see the big things.  In fact, people are often promoted and congratulated for the big things they do.  We applaud the big, the grand, and the spectacular.  The small, the little and the mundane seem insignificant.  

But it’s really the little things that set leaders apart.  It’s the small, kind, empathizing acts of kindness that make a servant leader. 

Here are a few:

  • A phone call to a team member who is sick
  • Arranging a meeting for two people who will become advocates of each other, connecting one with the other.
  • Paying it forward at Starbucks or some other venue. 
  • A handwritten note telling a team member how much you appreciate their contribution to the organization.
  • Putting a bag of groceries on someone’s front porch because they are unable to get out, sick, or simply financially strapped. 
  • Buying a team member, a “coffee drink” on your way into work…just because you know they like coffee.

There are millions of little things we can do for each other on any given day.  Servant Leaders are always on the look-out for those things.


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