Leadership Question: what is your motivation?

What is it that drives you to lead?  What is it that motivates you be the one, the team leader, the department head, the leadership executive, the C-level executive, the head-honcho, the corporate head or the owner of the company?  

Is it money, position, or title?  Is it admiration, fame, or status?   Is it control, a sense of power, or pride?  What inside you is the force, the initiative, the desire that moves you to be in charge and to control the lives of others?

There is one thing that drives Servant Leaders to lead and it is nothing other than love.  Yes, I’m using the “L” word in relationship to leaders and leading people.  

Servant Leaders love people.  They care about them not as an employee, not as someone they pay, not as someone they have power over, but as a human being, a person who has high value.

Servant Leaders are motivated by love and a sincere desire to impact people and be a difference maker in their lives.  This motivation affects the way they lead.  

This is not a frothy thing, love has substance.  Love gives, and sacrifices self for others.  As leaders we give of our time and sacrifice our own interests for the interest of others. Loving the those we lead is the single most powerful force in impacting their lives.  When we are motivated by love people feel it, sense it, and know it. 

Love holds people together.  It is the leader who loves that has loyal and passionate followers. 

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