Five “More” Mysteries

There is a lot more that meets the eye in the things we take for granted in everyday life.  One of the most powerful things of living—and suffering—through this pandemic has been lessons we have learned about how much “more” there is behind and underneath what previously had been seen as just an everyday, everywhere reality.  

Now that things have been taken away from us, we look at them in a different light.  There is nothing like being without something that makes you appreciate it more and realize its significance. In a small way, it’s like taking vitamins; while you’re taking them, you don’t really feel the difference but if you stop taking them you feel the difference. 

There are five “more” mysteries—hidden realities—that we can now look at differently than before.  If we look at these realities, these mysteries, in a new way our lives and our very existence will also take on a much more dynamic quality for years to come.

In the following five days we will discuss these five “more” mysteries we uncovered in 2020.  I encourage you to look at these things as if the diamond is turned, each angle shows its brilliance differently and distinctively.  Like that diamond, each of these things, when looked at more fully, with more appreciation, with more gratefulness, with more depth of perspective our lives and our 2021 will become more fulfilling. 

Here are the five “more” mysteries we will discuss: 

  • A restaurant is more than a restaurant
  • Loss is more than loss
  • Work is more than work
  • Family is more than family
  • Religion is more than religion

I hope you check back every day, forward this to your friends and connections, and like this on Twitter and LinkedIn.  It may be more helpful as they live through 2021 and beyond. 

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