Family is more than family

This fourth “more” mystery considers who we are in relationship to our family.  Family is more than family.  These people—our parents, siblings, uncles and aunts, and cousins—have for the most part been part of our identify.  Each time you mention your last name, it comes with a whole series of connections.  Almost in flashback style we subconsciously and even sometimes consciously, think of who we are in relationship to who they are.  

We are more than family; we are part of each other’s identity.  This is so significant, there are apps you can get that help you trace your family tree.  For example, I am an Elzinga, connected to many other Elzingas. A person of Dutch descent and mysteriously connected to others of Dutch descent.  I am also connected to family on my mother’s side, uncles, aunts and cousins.  It is a thread that runs through our lives.  Even as we go on and “live our own lives” we know that our own lives are more than just our own lives.  

When we think of our family we think of the traditions we grew up with, the values that were taught, and the experiences we had, day to day, and year after year.  We are ever more aware, that losing a family member takes a part of us with them.  

During this time, family has never been so important.  We cling to each other, lean on each other, care for each other, and pray for each other. 

Family is more than family; they are people we can count on.  When times get tough, through thick or thin, in joy and hardships, no matter what happens we can count on our family.  

Family loves each other unconditionally and without judgement.  Family is each other’s biggest fans.  We root for each other, encourage each other, believe in each other, and support each other.  

Families have their own reference points and sometimes even their own “language.”  There are “Dad jokes” and “a mother’s heart.”  Things you did together are indelible reminders of your togetherness. Memories that take you back to your time together.  Memories of laughter, joy, sadness, and trial.  Memories of brothers and sisters teasing each other, arguing, hugging, and loving each other as only siblings can do. 

This is the stuff of families. Families are more than families. 

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