The Untold Story

Within each of us resides story after story after story of what has happened in our lives that contribute to why we are the way we are, why we do this or that, or why we are this way or that way.  Yet we often judge people based upon our assumptions rather than consider their … More The Untold Story

Friday Faith: It’s a great day to serve the Lord!

Many years ago, working at the support center for a great company, I started saying a phrase that caught on like wildfire:  “It’s a great day to serve the Lord.”  I started saying it as a simple response to the question: “how’s it going?”  I didn’t want to respond in a typical way, “Ok.” “Fine.” “Good” or even … More Friday Faith: It’s a great day to serve the Lord!

Creating Culture on Purpose

Wherever you go, you step into a particular culture.  If you go to a fast-food restaurant you will experience their culture.  If you go to a high-end restaurant they will operate out of a distinctly different culture.  You will find distinct cultures in retail stores, hotels, auto repair shops, grocery stores,  manufacturing facilities, banks, churches, schools, homes, and families.  … More Creating Culture on Purpose

Faith at work

Many years ago, I was in the final stages of the interview process of being hired as a Western Region Vice President for a company headquarted on the East Coast.  The president and owner of the company asked, “I heard you do these religious seminars, should I be worried?”  “Is that going to get in the way … More Faith at work