Friday Faith: It’s a great day to serve the Lord!

Many years ago, working at the support center for a great company, I started saying a phrase that caught on like wildfire:  “It’s a great day to serve the Lord.”  I started saying it as a simple response to the question: “how’s it going?”  I didn’t want to respond in a typical way, “Ok.” “Fine.” “Good” or even … More Friday Faith: It’s a great day to serve the Lord!

Creating Culture on Purpose

Wherever you go, you step into a particular culture.  If you go to a fast-food restaurant you will experience their culture.  If you go to a high-end restaurant they will operate out of a distinctly different culture.  You will find distinct cultures in retail stores, hotels, auto repair shops, grocery stores,  manufacturing facilities, banks, churches, schools, homes, and families.  … More Creating Culture on Purpose

Faith at work

Many years ago, I was in the final stages of the interview process of being hired as a Western Region Vice President for a company headquarted on the East Coast.  The president and owner of the company asked, “I heard you do these religious seminars, should I be worried?”  “Is that going to get in the way … More Faith at work