Friday Faith: It’s a great day to serve the Lord!

Many years ago, working at the support center for a great company, I started saying a phrase that caught on like wildfire:  “It’s a great day to serve the Lord.”  I started saying it as a simple response to the question: “how’s it going?”  I didn’t want to respond in a typical way, “Ok.” “Fine.” “Good” or even “Great.”  Those responses were really non-responses.  They were just something to say. Something you say in passing, something you say just to acknowledge the other person.  They are phrases without meaning.

So, I decided the next time someone was going to ask, “how’s it going?” I was going to respond, “It’s a great day to serve the Lord.” 

At first, it caught people off-guard.  “Huh?” “What?” Initially, people didn’t know how to react to that answer.  

What I wanted to communicate in that simple phrase is a profound truth and an empowering viewpoint on how to face the day. 

It is a paraphrase really of that classic Scripture: “This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24). It gives us perspective and meaning on the day.

First I wanted to communicate that whatever I was going to do that day, that hour, that moment was to serve the Lord.  It could be making a pizza (the company was Pizza Ranch ), making sure the restaurant was clean and ready for our guests, talking to a guest (customer) on the phone, or, delivering a training session, making sure our books are balanced, creating great marketing programs, conducting a leadership meeting, or doing an employee review.  Whatever our task, whatever we do, we can serve the Lord in those very tasks

Whatever I did—we did—our motivation was to serve the Lord.  We could serve Him by doing those things in an excellent way.

The second thing I wanted to communicate was that whatever was going on that day, whatever was happening in my life, and even whatever I was feeling, it was still a great day.  Even if I was having a “bad day,” it was still a great day to serve the Lord. 

It is the perspective that each day is precious.  Each day is valued. Each day is a gift from God.  

Coming out of this pandemic I think it’s safe to say, most of us can appreciate this.  

As the day went on, I began saying this phrase at random, throughout the day, to various people.  “Hey, Joe, it’s a great day to serve the Lord!”  

As weird as it was, eventually, it became a catchphrase, and when some people saw me, even in passing, they would also say, “it’s a great day to serve the Lord.”  

My encouragement to you today is to embrace this phrase. Use it. Live your day with the phrase running through your mind and heart.  It’s a great way to go through the day.*

*you can actually purchase a writ band or magnet with the phrase, It’s a great day to serve the Lord, on my website at

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