Faith at work

Many years ago, I was in the final stages of the interview process of being hired as a Western Region Vice President for a company headquarted on the East Coast.  The president and owner of the company asked, “I heard you do these religious seminars, should I be worried?”  “Is that going to get in the way of your work?” 

My response was simple: “God created us to work and wants us to glorify Him in our work.  It is His desire that we be excellent in our work. So, if you’re wondering how my faith impacts my work it is simply that I strive to be excellent.”  (see Philippians 4:8)

My faith fuels my work.  Because of my faith I am passionate about my work.  

I Inherited this belief from my father.  My father was a NW Indiana vegetable farmer.  He was passionate about weed-free fields.  Whether it be green beans, green peppers, corn, onions, tomatoes, or anything on our farm. We spent days with hoes in hand, going through the various fields and eliminating weeds….it was a boring job.  But when we were done with a field and he could look out on the acres of produce absent of weeds he would pause, ever so briefly, with his hands on his hips like he was superman, and smile.  He was looking at the result of excellent work, work done well.  And in that pause was a heartfelt thought that this was to the glory of God.

God loves excellence.  A finely crafted chair, a well written book, a seminar that captures the heat of the audience, a sale that truly benefits a customer, a financial statement with no errors, or food, made and served in a restaurant that pleases its guests with delightful meals and legendary service.   

This is one of the elements that faith brings to work.  

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