The Soul of your company

Let me ask you a question: have you lost the soul of your company, or to ask it another way, has your company lost its soul?

This past year has been devastating in so many ways.  Companies and organizations have been gutted.  Many have closed and some are just hanging on.  In the aftermath of devastation, so often the soul of a company is lost. The air has been taken out of their sails and they are just a glimpse of their former selves.

My wife and I are into a Netflix series called: Restaurants on the Edge.  It is about how three individuals form a team, one a marketing expert, the other a designer, and the third a chief, and help restaurants all over the world that have incredible views but are not doing well.  Many are at risk of losing their business.  Their décor doesn’t make sense and their menu items are confusing, but most of all, one of the key themes we hear on virtually every episode is they have lost their soul, their identity.  Or, maybe they never had it to begin with. 

They point out that as customers walk in, it’s not clear who they are and what their identity or distinction is as a restaurant. These three consultants help them find their identity and distinction.  They help them find their soul. 

Over the past year, you might have lost your soul and don’t even know it. Your company is not the same, it feels different.  The pandemic has taken its toll, not just on your bottom line but in the pit of your stomach.  You feel like you are in a trance as you stare at your computer, or off into space.  

Your mission, vision, and values are still the same, but somehow no longer resonate throughout the organization. Something is missing.  Maybe, just maybe, you are different.  Something has changed within you.  You are changing.  Your organization is changing.  

Look at your heart and look at the heart of your company…..what do you see?  Vibrancy or emptiness, clarity or confusion, fear or confidence, panic or purpose? 

You may need to revive and restore the life of your organization, first by finding your soul and your purpose once again, and then by injecting a big dose of aspiration into your organization. 

Maybe it’s time to get some coaching from someone on the outside who can listen, guide, advise, and inspire you to bring that new life back from the ashes of despair to the new ground of hope.

There are many fine coaches out there and as a leadership coach, I am here for you.


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