Selfish Serving

100% of the people I know of are customers. Everyone at some time buys something somewhere. 100% of the people I know understand how disappointing it is when they receive bad, poor, or even mediocre service. You are the customer…or I should say, you are a customer. Yet, so many companies have such difficult times … More Selfish Serving

Culture Mood

When it comes to culture, feeling is everything. When we walk into the arena of culture, we get distinct feelings, some more acute than others. But be clear about this, every organization emits a cultural feeling. The feelings we have shape our perspective, right or wrong. And that perspective shapes our experience with that organization; … More Culture Mood

Be Present

I’ve talked about this before, but I feel it warrants another go-around. A few months ago, I was shopping at the “big box store” that specializes in electronics. You would identify easily if I told you who they were. I was looking for a security system for our home. I visited this store several times … More Be Present

Belief Determines Behavior: the key to great customer service

We typically act out of our belief system. What we believe about a person, place, thing, or circumstance will set the course for how we will act upon or relate to it. What people believe about you or your organization will determine how they act toward you. Case in point: there was a hotel I … More Belief Determines Behavior: the key to great customer service

The “Aftertaste”

There are foods, drinks mostly, where you drink or eat it and there is this lingering aftertaste in your mouth. Generally, it’s not pleasant. It’s not awful, but not great either. It’s annoying. There is a very popular drink that’s a good substitute for soda if you have issues with carbonation, which I do. It … More The “Aftertaste”