Selfish Serving

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100% of the people I know of are customers. Everyone at some time buys something somewhere. 100% of the people I know understand how disappointing it is when they receive bad, poor, or even mediocre service. You are the customer…or I should say, you are a customer.

Yet, so many companies have such difficult times serving their customers? So many organizations offer mediocre service. So many organizations have customers who can take it or leave it, when it comes to their product or service. Isn’t this puzzling? For some strange reason, we don’t offer the very service we would like to have.

The best way to combat this is to have a selfish mindset. We need to see that we are no longer just delivering our product or service to a no-name someone, but to us.
When delivering a product or service we must always remember, we are the customer.

We need to create and deliver our products like we were doing it for ourselves.

We need to deliver our service like we were delivering it to ourselves.

When we take the selfish approach, we see our customers as we see ourselves and our service level will follow. Try selfish serving!

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