I met the Customer today….

woman wearing face mask
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

I met the customer today….

With our masks on we are able to look into the eyes of our customers.

I can see into their eyes which are a door into their heart.

I saw a human being.  Someone with cares, anxiety, worry, love, compassion, and someone who is connected to someone else.

I saw a mother, father, grandparent, child.  I saw a spouse.  A single parent.  A neighbor, a friend, and a co-worker.  I saw person fighting addiction and struggling with their self-image.

I saw someone with talent, gifts, and strengths just waiting to be used.

I saw someone who is struggling with finances right now.

I saw someone whose life can be fleeting, a wave, a mist, and they’re gone.

I saw a customer today….and that customer was me.  That customer is everybody.

Because I saw the reality of who we are, and who are customer is I saw someone I can serve, help, encourage, and build-up.  I saw someone who needs love.

When we see that the customer is someone just like us it’s easier to serve that person willingly, wholeheartedly, with respect, with care and love.

See your customer….look into their eyes and see into their heart, and you will find your are serving someone just like you.


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