Don’t try to Wow! your Customers

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Huh? Are you telling me that I shouldn’t want my customer to say Wow! as a result of our service?

No, I’m not.

But too many companies have that as a goal and try to psych up their team to create Wows! for their customers.

If you focus on Wow! then the wow’s will be few and far between.

Wow! is a reaction to a behavior. It is the result of something one of your team members did for a customer. In fact, the resulting Wow! that we long for should be something we hear customers say all the time.

Find and focus on the behaviors that produce the Wows!
-it could be a smile when you greet them, every time
-it could be walking along side of them during their experiences with you
-it could be calling ahead, anticipating their needs
-it could be delivering the product BEFORE you said you would
-it could be remembering their name, using their name when you speak with them, or even knowing their family names.
-it could be refusing their purchase when you know what you offer won’t fill their needs

Whatever your service or product your quest is to find out the behaviors that deliver the Wows and make them a natural component of your culture. These behaviors are who you are and are the most effective where you meet your customers, how you greet your customers and how you treat them. These behaviors should be on repeat—always churning between, meet, greet, and treat. Meet, greet, treat, and repeat.

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