Loose change

I thought I’d write this before we forget completely what coins or “change” looks like.  Before the digital world takes over completely. There was a time when we paid for things with cash…you know, dollars!  Most of the time, we would pay for something we would get money back, called “change.”  Then, what happened to … More Loose change


As they passed each other in the hall, Gail, the VP of Administration and Ray, the HR Director.  The VP noticed a slight twitch away from direct eye to eye contact.  The VP said the usual, “hey, Ray, how’s it going?”  The HR Director, responded, “good,” but then quickly looked away. It wasn’t a dramatic … More Noticing

You never know

Making a difference or having an impact upon someone’s life often comes from things we do or say which may not be grand or obvious. Every day you hope what you do makes a difference. Yet, many times we’re not really sure if we’ve made a difference or not. Often it’s the little things, subtle … More You never know

Delivering Hope

A big part of a Servant Leader’s job is to deliver hope to those who work for them. Hope brings energy, passion, and patience to people. Hope creates loyalty, dedication, and long-term commitment to employers. Most people want to believe that there is a future for them at their place of work. They are looking … More Delivering Hope

Say What You Mean

It’s it funny how we expect everyone to understand what we’re saying, but in reality, we don’t. Over the past few weeks my wife and I have once again faced that reality even after 33 years of marriage. We were on vacation and I was talking to her about going to antique stores and looking … More Say What You Mean