She and Her Husband combined forgiveness and faith into a recipe for life and business

Twist-Of-Faith_740xThink-No-Evil_740xAnne Beiler founded Aunte Anne’s Pretzels @AunteAnnes, which is a well-known franchise providing wonderfully made fresh pretzels for snacks and enjoyment.  They have a ubiquitous presence in malls and airports throughout the nation.

When you untangle the proverbial pretzel of their lives you will find a foundation which is much more than flour and water, you will find at the heart—at the start—is a foundation of faith from which flows a fountain of grace.*

When you read Anne Beiler’s Twist of Faith, her story of how Auntie Anne’s started, you will find a humble, non-pretentious, and thoroughly authentic story of faith, tragedy, disappointment, redemption, grace, and hard work.  It is the story of the integration of faith and life, spirituality, and business.

Yet, there is more to it than that.  Behind the scenes, so to speak, is a husband who is a champion of grace and forgiveness.  You’ve heard it said, “behind every great man is a great woman.” Well, in this case behind Anne Beiler is a man who is filled with grace.

Jonus Beiler, in his book, “Think no Evil,” reveals an amazing capacity for understanding, forgiveness and grace. As a therapist, Jonus has encountered and counseled people through the toughest tragedies and losses. He walks us through how a terrible tragedy in an Amish community facilitated acts of forgiveness that can only be understood through a spiritual set of lenses.  In turn, it seems Jonus helps his clients  find healing through the act of grace and forgiveness.

Taken together, these two books open us to a freeing reality that work, and business are under-girded with the call of God to love one another.


*Thoughts and opinions of Anne and Jonus’ books are my own and do not necessarily represent his intent. This is not a paid endorsement.


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