He Asks the Right Questions

Questions booksThis week I’m going to deliver a series on Great Leaders with Great Content. Books written by Servant Leaders who give us a glimpse into how to be an effective leader.  Today we start with Bob Tiede.

I have a friend who I met in a very “chance” meeting several years ago.

Bob Tiede (@bobtiede, linkedin.co/in/bobtiede) is in charge of Global Leadership for an organization known as CRU. *

I discovered early on that one of his key approaches to leadership is simply asking questions.

Not in a badgering way, but in a curious way.  He is curious about people, who they are, where they’re from, what they do, and what makes them tick.  The way Bob asks questions is very disarming and engaging. Before you know it, you are telling him all about yourself, and he listens.  He listens in a highly active way, continuing to ask subtle and open-ended questions.

It didn’t surprise me, that shortly after I met Bob, he began to write a series of small books—booklets really—about asking questions. His three booklets are: Great Leaders ask Great Questions, Now That’s a Great Question, and 339 Questions Jesus Asked. You can find these booklets and other information about Bob at: https://leadingwithquestions.com/

As leaders we need to lead by listening, and we listen by asking the right questions. By the way, that is also the very essence of coaching.  Asking questions and listening.  Listening and asking questions.  As a result, people (employees) feel heard and understood.  It is when the people we lead know we understand them they begin to perform at their highest level.

So, how do we know what are the right questions to ask?  (glad you asked!!)  That’s where Bob’s books come in.   He will show you the great ones vs. the not-so-great ones.

Here’s a great leadership questions from Bob’s book: “What results would you like to get from this conversation?”

This is a great question because it doesn’t allow the leader to assume motives.  Nor does it allow the person who is initiating the conversation to have false expectations.  It is a great question because right at the outset of the conversation it provides clarity.  So many conversations “fall off the rails” because those in the conversation don’t really know what they’re talking about nor the goal of the conversation.

Asking questions can become a natural part to how you lead.  Get Bob’s books and you’re on your way to become a great questioner.

*Thoughts and opinions of Bob’s books are my own and do not necessarily represent his intent. This is not a paid endorsement.


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