The Failure of Success

time for change sign with led light
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Successful people and successful businesses are winners. They have found their sweet spot, where they thrive and blossom. They have found their formula.  They have found what works.  No doubt, it could have taken years of hard work and struggle to get to where they are.  But they’re on a roll, and success breeds success. 

But success can also be blinding.  It can prevent you from moving to the next level or adapting during hard times.  Success can make a leader and organization very inflexible.  “Why change if it isn’t broken,” so the saying goes.  The blurry vision comes from the confusion between change and brokenness.  Something may not be broken but has changed.  And change causes the need to change.

They say that “insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results,” but when the culture changes, when the market changes, and when the world changes insanity is doing the same things and expecting the same results!

I’ll say it again, change causes the need to change!

It is a failure when success ignores this.  It is success when we adapt and change.

Dear Leader, Adaptive Leadership is what is needed now, in virtually every organization. Don’t let the success of the past get in your way.  May God bless you as you lead your organization.





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