New Manager: Big Head

I was talking to a few colleagues this morning about the temptation for newly promoted managers to get “a big head.” “They start telling people what to do, giving out orders left and right,” are the comments I heard.
So, for all you newly promoted managers this one’s for you.
S Factor Leaders, when promoted, first desire to learn about and get to know the people they lead. They don’t rush in and “take control,” rather they hold back from their own agenda and prejudices and listen, ask questions, and observe.
Instead of a big head they have a big heart. Instead of a big head they have an open mind. Instead of wielding power they yield to the talent and giftedness of their team member.
While big headed new managers can get lost in the newness of their position, S Factor Leaders find new ways to impact the people they’re leading.
The best encouragement I can give to a newly promoted manger is to strive to be an S Factor Leader. It’s all about serving the people we lead.
When you start out that way, everyone wins, and you will have enthusiastic followers.

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