The If/Then Proposition

Clarity and knowing the why is important in everything we do. When we do things with purpose, we become more committed, more enthusiastic, and more effective.
Sometimes you have to state the why in a round about way, to gain clarity. If we do this, then this will happen. If we don’t do this, then that will happen. Knowing the cause and effect makes all the difference in the world.
Back in school, if we didn’t study for the test odds are we’d fail the test. If we failed the test we could end up failing the class. If we failed the class, we’d have to take it over again.
If we studied, learned, memorized, the material that was to be on the test, we’d not only pass it, but the degree in which we passed has all the difference in the world for advancement. If we get A’s we get on the honor role, if we get consistently on the honor roll we will not only graduate, but graduate with honors. Now we have the possibility to get into some of the best colleges, maybe even with a scholarship. If we continue in this format of study and learning the best organizations and business will look at hiring us, paying us a higher than normal salary. We become productive, fulfilled, and happy—and get paid well doing what we love.
You will notice that the if/then proposition focuses on behaviors. That’s because only behaviors get us to our goals, talking about goals is good, focusing on behaviors is better.
Go through the process of the if/then proposition if you want clarity.

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