Storm the Castle?

wall architecture castle england
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In the movie Princess Bride, Inego Montoya takes Wesley who is “mostly dead” to Miracle Max to see if he can be revived. After finding out his purpose was to find and avenge Prince Humperdinck, whom Miracle Max had a particular disliking, he revived Wesley. On the way out Miracle Max says to them, ”Have fun storming the castle!”

Storming the Castle is not just a funny comedic quip but is a depiction of advancing on the enemy and taking them down. It is a term of conquering, overcoming, and maybe even annihilating the enemy.

Many think in these terms when it comes to leadership. To many it is the ultimate leadership metaphor for winning and succeeding. It projects strength, courage, and a kind of hard, calloused image of a leader running, riding, or rushing toward the enemies frontlines, and taking down anything in your path.

Think William Wallace of Braveheart or Maximus of Gladiator.

But leadership is rarely that.

Leadership is more….
Changing than charging
Believing than belittling
Listening than shouting
Encouraging than exhorting
Engaging than raging
Pulling than pushing
Slow than fast
Soft than hard

Leadership—the kind that people want to follow—is more like a love potion. Overcome with the feelings of a person who really cares for us, who knows us deep inside, who brings out the best in us, that’s who we follow…that’s who we want to follow.

Don’t storm the castle, instead, surround the people who work with you with….shall I say it….love.


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