You never know

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Making a difference or having an impact upon someone’s life often comes from things we do or say which may not be grand or obvious. Every day you hope what you do makes a difference. Yet, many times we’re not really sure if we’ve made a difference or not.

Often it’s the little things, subtle things that make a difference. And you never know to what degree or even sometimes, who is impacted.

It could be as simple as a word or a phrase that is marinating within the person(s) to whom you spoke. It could be a random act of kindness that a person needed just at the right time. The pay it forward movement is evidence of that.

You never know.
Many, many years ago, in an industry totally unrelated to what I do today, my boss said, “Elzinga, you are the best presenter in our company!” Needles to say, as a young professional, this meant a lot to me; in fact, this one piece of encouragement laid the foundation for what I am today! He didn’t know how this impacted me, but from then on, I began honing and crafting my skill of public speaking.

You never know.

I’ve given speeches in which something I thought would have an impact didn’t, but something else I said touched someone’s heart and changed them forever.

You never know.

As you go about your day, as you communicate to others, please understand that you can and will make a difference. It just may not be the way or thing you thought it would be….and that’s ok.

You never know.

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