Handwritten Notes

arnold-palmerArnold Palmer is known as the King of Golf.  He was and is the cornerstone figure of modern-day golf.  In his prime, his followers were known as “Arnie’s Army.”  He was beloved and gracious as he interacted with people, including his fellow golfers.

One of the things he is known for was personally writing notes and letters to other golfers who had just won a tournament.  He encouraged them and acknowledged them for their accomplishment.  When you hear other golfers and people talk about the note they received from “Arnie” they spoke with gratefulness and appreciation for how much it meant to them for “The King” to take time out of his schedule to write a personal note.

Arnold Palmer knew the power of a handwritten note. And it’s not surprising that the USPS has created a “forever” stamp honoring him for writing these notes.

Servant Leaders write handwritten notes.  It is one of the most encouraging and wonderful practices they do.

Write handwritten notes to those you lead.

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