Capture the Heart of the Customer, part I (1 of 5)

The cause of a thriving business is income. To generate that income, we need to provide products and services that our customers need and are willing to pay for.  Not only that, we want to structure our businesses in such a way that our customers return and tell others about our products and services.  This is the key to a successful business…..

Not so fast.   

How do we gain and attract customers?  Spend money on marketing. 

Not so fast.

What we need to do is capture the heart of the customer. Our goal should be to capture their heart not their money.   If you capture their heart, the money will come.  

What does it mean to capture their heart?  It’s not a frothy, squishy, or silly thing.  It really comes down to one word: serve

When we act with a sincere desire to serve our customers, to impact their lives or their organization in some way, to produce products they’re proud of, to investigate their needs, to help them overcome some obstacle, to make their life a little bit better….when these things flow from the core of our being customers can tell.  

Customers instinctively know the difference between a sincere attitude of service and a reluctant obligation.  The question is, how?  How do we develop a core group of people called servers in our organization? 

We will turn to that question next.

Capture the Heart of the Customer is a seminar that has made an impact on thousands of hospitality workers and organizations with a desire to serve.  

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