Capture the Heart of the Customer, part III

We’ve discussed that our goal needs to be to Capture our Customer’s heart before their money.  The way to do that is to have an attitude of service.  To do that we need to see them with our heart.  

Today we explore how to go even deeper: see customers as guests.

What is a customer?  To many they are an obligation and the pathway to our income; a paycheck.  A customer is a thing, a non-descript object, part of the masses, a necessary element in our ability to succeed. 

A guest, on the other hand is someone we care about, someone we look forward to serving, someone who we are connected to, and maybe even someone we love.  

The arrival of a guest at our homes usually generates a sense of anticipation and excitement.  We can’t wait for them to get here and can’t wait to connect with them.  We want their time with us to be wonderful and want them to feelwelcome.  

When you see customers as guests you want to serve them because you know them, know their stuff, and want to be an agent of help and transformation in their lives.

Yet, there is one more and deeper way we can see our customers in a way that totally transformers the way we serve them and capture their heart.  We will turn to that next time. 

Capture the Heart of the Customer is a seminar that has made an impact on thousands of hospitality workers and organizations with a desire to serve. 

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