Capture the Heart of the Customer, part V

It’s been said from every corner and crevice of customer service lore that what we want to hear from our customers is, “Wow!”  This is the ultimate comment a customer can make.

It’s when they say:

“Wow!  They did this for me.”

“Wow! I didn’t expect that.”

“Wow!” They went above and beyond.”

“Wow! I got more than what I paid for.”

“Wow! They’ve got a customer for life.”

“Wow! I’m going to tell all my friends.”

To hear your customers, say, “Wow!” is the ultimate compliment.  It is a cherished and treasured reaction.  It is a coveted reply.  It is what we long to hear, because when we hear that, we know that our goal of capturing their heart has happened. 

This can happen when you start with the right goal: to capture the heart of the customer rather than their money.  When you have a desire to serve and begin seeing your customers with your heart you can serve them from your heart.   When you change your view of your customers as guests and even go as far as seeing them as Angels, serving and service rises to another level.

It’s then the coveted and magical comment, “Wow!” can be heard.

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