The Thankful Leader

I find that Servant Leaders have an attitude of thankfulness.  They treat their employees almost as if they were unpaid volunteers, offering their time and talent for the sake of the organization and they people they serve (customers).  

Let this week be a week of thankfulness, where you express frequently and freely your thanks to your employees and team members for the work that they do.  

Thank them for their time

Thank them for their efforts—for how hard they work

Thank them for who they are—unique individuals who have incredible talents

Thank them for their advice

Thank them for their opinion—especially if it is different than yours

Thank them for their contribution

Thank them for their leadership

Thank them for how they interact with and serve your customers

Thank them for listening

Thank them for enduring throughout this trying time 

Thank them because…..

                  They don’t have to work for you

                  They are human beings who have high value

                  They need your appreciation and respect

                  They are like you: mortal; here today and gone tomorrow

Everyone I know needs to be valued and significant.  Thanking them goes a long way toward helping them feel that way.  

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