Upside-down turned right-side up: Pray

As a person of faith, I believe in prayer.  

I believe in going in prayer to a God who is above us, yet with us.  A God who overall yet understands us all.  A God who is superior yet walked among us.   A God of compassion, love, and mercy.  Prayer is our connection to a God who is listening, hearing about our needs, concerns, struggles, hurts, and desires.  Prayer is an act of love; loving Him who first loved us.  It is a place of connection and communication.  Prayer comes right from the heart. 

In prayer, we acknowledge His greatness and goodness.  

Prayer is NOT like going to Santa Clause and asking for presents.  It is NOT like rubbing the lamp and finding a Genie and asking for our three wishes.  

As we recover from our losses and struggle with the “what’s next” question, go to God to hash it out.  Unload your heart, wrestle with your concerns, struggle with your problems, grieve, cry out to Him, seek His leading and direction.  

God hears our pleas and sees into our hearts.   The answers don’t come as a ‘poof’ like a stroke of magic.  The answers usually don’t come and appear overnight.  Answers often come through a period of time and process of looking, seeking, wondering, and weaving through the issues of life.  We may even be “getting an answer” but not recognize it as an answer at first.  

C.S. Lewis is known to have said, “Prayer doesn’t change God, it changes us.” Prayer reorients us and redirects us.  It softens us and opens us up.  Through prayer, we become transformed.  We may not see it, but it is happening.  

Prayer does not have to be a formal, super-spiritual, frothy, utterance of words while your eyes are closed, and you are on your knees. Although there may be many times you are on your knees, prayer is more than that.  

The Bible says, “pray without ceasing.”  That means prayer is something we can do throughout the day while doing our daily things.  I like the image Fiddler on the Roof gives us as Tevia talks to God as he feeds his horse, walks to town, advises his children, and does his work.  It is the constant awareness that God is there, with us, all the time.  

Through prayer or as a result of prayer God heals our wounds and answers the “what’s next” question.  Prayer is an element of getting ourselves and our business right side up. 

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