Upside-down turned right-side up: Turn the Corner

Now that we’ve grieved and accepted our situation, heard the counsel of wise people, become open to something different, and prayed through our situation, we can see that it is time to turn the corner. 

Turning the corner is a way of saying making a fresh new start.  A new start with more wisdom and experience.  Experience and wisdom can only come through brokenness and loss.  Like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon, we emerge with a sense of beauty that comes with brokenness.  Our scars speak volumes of what we’ve been through and are constant reminders of our perseverance.

Coming out of the rubble of my life, in 2011, I found a place where my experience and wisdom made a difference. In a place I would never have looked, in the middle of nowhere, I was able to turn the corner and use my gifts and strengths, wisdom and experience, wholeness and brokenness, successes and failures, to impact thousands of people over the course of 9 years.  It became the culmination of my career (which isn’t over).

All of those things in my life worked together to produce a mosaic of truth that I could speak into the lives of others to help them become the best version of themselves, better people, better managers, better leaders.

When you turn the corner, you begin to find your place and make sense of the new world you’re living in and you begin to see what impact you can have on others.

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