Upside-down turned right-side up: Finding your place

When you play with Legos you understand that the goal is to be able to snap them together to make something.  You also know that there is almost an infinite number of ways you can snap them together.  

In life, we think there are supposed to be one or two clear ways we are supposed to fit for us to be fulfilled.  We are destined to be just one thing, we think.  In reality, there are almost infinite ways we can fit and find our place in the world.  There are ways perhaps you never considered.  

How many college graduates land in places that align with their major?  A quick Google search finds that only 27% land in careers that strictly match their major.  That doesn’t mean that whatever your major is or was won’t aid in whatever career you land as I believe our major course of study gives depth, perspective, wisdom in whatever field(s) of work we work in.

My field of study was Religion and Theology, aiming for ministry.  Although I did spend some time in the professional ministry, I spent most of my career in the business world.  Moving from sales to management to leadership consulting and ultimately training managers to be leaders, specifically Servant Leaders. 

Finding your place, your best fit, is the place where the totality of who you are is employed.  It is where your experience, knowledge, passion, and purpose all come together to create and provide a unique value to the organization you serve.  

In this new world, as you try to find your place, as you struggle to get back up on your feet, after you’ve wondered “do I have what it takes,” as you reorient yourself, and maybe even reinvent yourself, consider this: your best fit may be your next opportunity, your next position, your next reopening, your next redesign, your next menu, your next offering, your next project, or whatever is next for you.

Your place may be found in a culmination and compilation of who you are.  Recognize that and enjoy that. 

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