Upside-down turned right-side up: Make an impact

I hope, I think, our hearts have been reshaped and rewired, and our purpose has been reordered.  Out of this mess, this time of wondering, we have been thinking about our purpose and the purpose of our business.  

The purpose we conclude is not to make money per se, but what we can do with that money.  It is not about being king but a servant.  It’s not about just keeping the business going but keeping people employed.  

The one thing that has emerged out of this pandemic is that the better purpose, the higher purpose, the overriding purpose, is to make some kind of impact upon the world, and when I say “world” I mean those we bump shoulders with, the people that come into our space.  To make an impact and to be a difference-maker in the lives of the people you interact with. 

The life of business is about life.  The ebb and flow of business are about the ebb and flow of our interactions.  What fuels us fuels others.  What brings life to us brings life to others. What fills us with joy, happiness, contentment, is not just the quality of our products or services but the quality of our interactions. 

In the course of business transactions, even if in brief moments, we can make a difference in someone’s life.  There are a thousand ways to make an impact.  A smile, a phone call, a handwritten note, financially blessing someone, or a listening ear. 

It happens when we’re intentional; when impact becomes our purpose.  

Yes, woven into all that we do and all that we are, to make an impact on the lives of others helps us turn right-side up.  It balances out all that we do.

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