Loving where you work

Over 40 years of working at both large organizations and small ones; profit and non-profit; I have been fascinated with the degree of contentment people have with their employer. (by employer I mean the overall organization not your specific supervisor) I have seen and experienced the full spectrum: from absolute disgust to total endearment. I … More Loving where you work

How Remembering People’s Names Delivers Great Hospitality

Many years ago, I was working for a company in the office furniture industry. Every year we had a convention in which dealers, designers, architects, and end users would walk through our showrooms. After the show was over one night about twelve of us went out to dinner to Alan Hale’s Lobster Barrel on La … More How Remembering People’s Names Delivers Great Hospitality

Be Like a Craft Beer

Last week I talked about being unique and different in a world of sameness and to find ways to stand out. This week I want to talk about being your own version of a micro-brewery. In a world of mass manufacturing of everything from Baby-Food to Beer, micro-breweries have emerged as a highly desired differentiator … More Be Like a Craft Beer